What is PROJECT 1051?

PROJECT 1051 is a games review site, kind of, run by Moon Moon Games, named as a very subtle reference to Ghost in the Shell and the Famicom's count of licensed video games, namely 1051 in its library. Well, technically it's considered as a website for game reviews, but actually they're more of poorly structured rants that are barely related to a given topic.

Who are the people behind this project?

Anton Uklein is the sole person behind this website, from the web design to everything that gets posted. There's not even much of a reason to write about this in third person, I wrote this segment too. If there's a problem with this site, it's almost always my fault. Hi.

What's with the quality of the game images?

Okay, so this question can be interpreted as two different ways and it gets weird. I play on real games with real hardware. Every cover art shown on here is scanned by me to both a high DPI and a high colour depth, mostly because the ones I find online are of a quality I can best summarize as "extremely questionable". The game screenshots are also recorded from my consoles live at a very high bitrate, ideally as S-Video (but usually just composite converted to S-Video). So yeah, game screenshots aren't as clear as an emulator and my boxarts are probably going to be the new golden standard.

Why is the web design so 1990s?

Personally, too many websites are dumping in unnecessary design choices that just make the experience of reading something online unpleasant with too much fluff that takes away from the actual site. Things such as ads, side banners, auto-playing videos, I mean just look at <insert big name website here> and compare it to mine. Mine isn't as pretty, but it sure is simple. This is one of the reasons as to why this site exists. One of the other reasons is because I wanted to make a site with content that will load on anything, and I tested this website on a Nintendo DS Lite. In 2018.

What's with the review style and arbitrary scoring system?

Can I say that it's a commentary on conventional game reviews even though they're not really a thing any more? Just pretend I'm some homeless guy on the street, screaming at a flock of birds with a halfbaked idea of what I'm talking about, with none of the background research done, and the kind of symbolism that's as derailed as a train going to Chicago at 0 miles per hour. This is kind of what you should expect from me. I feel like that heads up is a necessity. Then just add the topic of obscure games and sometimes other things I find, because I've found some very questionable items, and we're good to go.

How can I contact the people person behind the project?

Email me at anton@project1051.com or anton@moonmoongames.com, or you can just hit up the main email address at general@moonmoongames.com.

Is it okay if I send games your way? Will you review them?

Probably and probably. Let me know first, though, so I don't have unexpected things coming my way such as anthrax and dead animals.